Reactinium Rec presents with emotion the first LP of Ruben Montesco, a magnificent work that collects 11 tracks that reveal all the influences of the artist, the title that gives rise to the album Without Transition, started this trip by electronics, crossing countless styles, IDM , Electro Pop, Downtempo, New wave, EBM, Techno, Acid ….

Without Transition encompasses 16 years of experience of the artist, where you can hear some of his best known subjects for this album has rescued and 6 unreleased tracks to date.

1. Without Transition
2. The Agony (edit mix
3. Class Of Paradise
4. Insomniacs Red Room
5. Missing Love
6. Egoist
7. Take Me On
8. Slave Of The Darkness
9. Pulse
10. Feelings
11. Night Acid

Releases: OUT SOON…!!

All tracks writer and producer by Ruben Montesco
Working and Mastering – Sound Clip Studio 41 – Madrid